For over 20 years, we at Leading Edge Marketing have helped Irish companies create meaningful partnerships by transforming promotional products into powerful communication tools. Our aim is to bring you closer to your audience through well designed branded merchandise that tells your story in a unique and impactful way.

We strive to positively impact our environment by offering sustainable promotional merchandise solutions that respect the planet and elevate your brand. This year, we are bringing you hundreds
more sustainable items that are innovative, high quality and fully compliant. Now more than ever we
know what great partnerships are made of: we did all the research so that you don’t have to.

Marketing Trends

Companies all over the world have been facing many challenges due to the Covid19 pandemic. If
there’s anything we’ve learned over the past year is that we need to be more adaptable and creative
than ever. And while many wish to forget 2020 and have a fresh start, marketing experts say there’s
much to learn from what has been everyone’s toughest year so far!
So, what have we learned from the impact Covid19 had on businesses and life in general, and how
does this shape the Promotional Marketing Trends for 2021?

Service, Service, Service
As a company, we have always valued the relationship with our customers and endeavoured to offer
the highest level of service. So, I guess the first lesson that 2020 taught everyone was that this
wasn’t just optional, but mandatory to stay in business. Listening to what your customers have to
say and showing appreciation through personalised gifts that speak for your brand is something that
can shape your entire marketing strategy.

Marketing Trends

Image: Salesforce

Your Staff is Your Most Valuable Asset
A resilient, adaptive and creative workforce is what kept many companies in business in 2020 and
continues to do so this year. Over the past year we have seen companies rewarding their staff
through personalised gifts, awards, swag bags or goody packs. We’ve been happily supporting our
customers in their journey to create the best personalised mailer boxes for their staff. This year, we
bring you even more options for innovative merch packs in line with the latest market trends. We
look after everything from the creative process to fulfilment and individual deliveries, so that you
don’t have to worry about it.

Marketing Trends

Image: Microsoft

Maintaining Company Culture & Core Values while Working from Home
Working from home has been an unprecedented necessity in 2020 and something that people are
still trying to get to terms with. While some love it and wouldn’t have it any other way, others are
struggling to find motivation and are eager to get back to their old office routine. The toughest
challenge for companies however, has been maintaining their company culture and adhering to their
core values while everyone has been working remotely. We’ve been assisting our customers in
keeping their company culture on track through a creative process including zoom sales warm-up
kits, custom happy hour drink-making kits, work from home kits and custom employee onboarding
kits. Whatever purpose you have in mind for a personalised kit, we have the creative solution and
fulfilment capacity to bring it to life for you!

Marketing Trends


Sustainability is Key
With every year that passes we are reminded that sustainability is something that must be part of
our mindset as individuals and core values as companies. 2020 has taught us how important it is for
our communities to support local businesses and make a positive impact through sustainable
choices. We at Leading Edge Marketing strive to bring you the latest and most innovative sustainable
merchandise that can communicate your brand’s core values. Whether it’s our snug organic &
sustainable clothing line, our sleek sustainable tech merchandise or the beautifully crafted
sustainable drinkware, we got you covered!

Marketing Trends

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PPE is the New Black
Just when you thought you’ve had enough of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), here we are with
an updated and improved range! The main focus for 2021 whether you are a company, NGO,
Governmental Institution or a store – is... yes you guessed it: SAFETY. Keeping your staff and
customers safe has been at the forefront of the Covid19 battle and we need to continue to do so. As
your trusted PPE supplier, we offer everything from Covid19 signage to branded face masks, hand
sanitiser dispensers, hygienic door openers and more.

Marketing Trends

Image: Real Simple

With this in mind, we hope that we will all have a better year by implementing the lessons we’ve
learned from what has been a very tough 2020 for everyone. We hope that you and your families
are well and safe and wish to reinforce our commitment to you and your company!
For any promotional merchandise enquiries or to simply have a chat, don’t hesitate to get in touch
with us! We might work remotely, but we’re still here and will continue to be assisting you this year
as we’ve always had.

The Leading Edge Team

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